Violin Maestro Idris Sardi Passes Away

id Violin Maestro Idris Sardi Passes Away

Jakarta, April 28 (Antara) - Indonesian violin maestro Idris Sardi, 76, passed away at Meilia Cibubur hospital, here, on Monday, at 07.25 am local time.

"May his soul rest in peace," Deputy Chairman of the Great Indonesia Movement (Gerindra) Party Fadli Zon tweeted.

According to actor Sys NS, the remains of Idris Sardi would be laid to rest at the Creative House, Bumi Cimanggis Indah Block B 1 No.9, Pekapuran street, Cimanggis.

Idris Sardi was born in Jakarta on June 7, 1938. His father, M Sardi was also violinist.

He composed and illustrated a number of movie themes and music soundtracks. He won Citra Trophies for the best music arrangement in Indonesian films such as "Pengantin Remaja" (1971), "Perkawinan" (1973), "Cinta Pertama" (1974), and "Doea Tanda Mata" (1985).

He is survived by his wife, Ratih Putri, daughter Santi Sardi, who is now actress, and son Lukman Sardi, an actor.  His ex-wives were famous singer and actress Marini and Zerlita.
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