Marines Plant Five Thousand Coral Reefs in Lampung

id Coral Reefs in Lampung

Bandarlampung, Lampung, Aug 11 (ANTARA Lampung) - The Indonesian Marine`s Infantry Brigade (Brigif-3) in Piabung, Lampung Province, has planted some five thousand coral reefs in the waters of Lampung Bay.

"We, the Indonesian Navy, particularly the Marine Corps, since the past two months, have planted coral reefs at several sites in Lampung Bay, such as Tegal Isle, whose coral reefs are in a bad condition," Commander of the Piabung Marine`s Brigif-3 Colonel I Wayan Ariwijaya stated in a seminar on "Save Our Littoral Life" program, here on Tuesday.

The initiative to plant coral reefs aims to preserve them and to support the government`s maritime axis program, he noted.

During the past two months, coral reefs have been planted in Kelapa Rapet, Klaura, Ketapang, Kelagian, and Lembing coasts.

The Indonesian Navy, particularly the Marines, has set a target to plant one million coral reefs in a total area of 100 hectares spread across 51 locations, with 243 planting sites, since May 2015.

The peak event of the One Million Coral Reef Expedition is expected to be launched by President Joko Widodo on Weh Island.

Simultaneous coral reef planting activities are expected to be carried out on Weh Island in Sabang, Aceh Province, in western Indonesia; Lembeh Island in Bitung, North Sulawesi Province, in central Indonesia; and Ambon, Maluku Province, in eastern Indonesia.
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