Land fires in East Kotawaringin partially intentional: district head

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Land fires in East Kotawaringin partially intentional: district head

East Kotawaringin District Head Supian Hadi. (ANTARA's Photo / Norjani)

Sampit (ANTARA) - District Head of East Kotawaringin, Central Kalimantan, Supian Hadi affirmed that land fires that had arisen in his area were partly suspected of being deliberately started by people, who engage in burning activities to clear land.

"As on Friday (July 26), the fire that arose was quite large on HM Arsyad Road between kilometers 6 to 7. I spotted it once intentionally. Did the land owner burn the next land and left it to spread to their land?" Supian stated in Sampit, Central Kalimantan, Saturday (July 27).

Land fires began to resurface in East Kotawaringin. In addition to engulfing the Sampit City area, land and forest fires occur in several villages in the southern region.

Supian suspected that some of the land fires were started deliberately. Some burnt the land and then left, so that the fire spread to other fields.

Supian expressed regret over the action, as burning land has a negative impact on the wider community.

Land fires and severe haze in 2015 should serve as an eye-opener and valuable lesson for all parties. The haze at that time had disrupted economic activities, education, and public health.

The fog is expected to not arise again. The community is encouraged to help the government in preventing and overcoming forest and land fires.

"In this dry season, please do not burn the land, since despite it being small, it can potentially spread to wider areas. Do not let the fire spread, as it not only impacts land, sea, and air transportation but also affects public health," Supian stated.

Supian pointed out that burning land not only harms oneself but also the community. When viewed from the religious aspect, this action is nothing short of committing sin, as it causes suffering to others.

Supian also called on large private palm oil plantation companies to help prevent and control forest and land fires. If land fires occur around their company, they are called on to help extinguish them to contain their spread.

"I remind you also that perpetrators behind burning the land also face legal consequences. President Jokowi also instructed to impose strict sanctions," Supian emphasized.


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