Minister to provide security for tourists visiting Indonesia

id tourists visiting Indonesia, bombin on Surabaya Churches

A view of Lake Toba and Samosir Island from Tarabunga, Balige. It is the largest lake in Indonesia and also the largest volcanic lake in the world. (Hisar Sitanggang/ANTARA LAMPUNG)

Jakarta (Antaranews Lampung) - Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya has sought to ensure the safety of tourists visiting Indonesia, after a series of suicide bombings in Surabaya, East Java.

"We are trying to ensure security for tourists," Yahya stated in Jakarta on Monday night. Moreover, all parties are have expressed condolences over the tragedy of the bombings that took its toll, especially at three churches in Surabaya on Sunday (May 13).

The minister immediately urged the Tourism Crisis Management (MKK) team to monitor the situation.

 "There is a crisis center, and we will monitor all the circumstances.  We would assure the safety of tourists," he explained.

On the same occasion, Yahya invited all elements of the society to unite against terrorism and build the good image of Indonesian tourism.

According to him, currently, Indonesia is a victim of terrorism, and such action can happen anywhere in this part of the world.

"Nobody expects things like this, it can happen anywhere. No one expects it, it is important that recovery is made immediately," he said.         
He expects countries issuing travel advice to Indonesia to immediately revoke the status if the situation has fully recovered.

The tourism ministry continues to monitor and provide updated information related to the latest conditions, including air travel traffic, accommodation security, hotels, and others. It provided the information through an official website, in order to avoid doubts or concerns among tourists who wish to visit Indonesia. 

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