Neurologist discovers formula to identify migraine

id discovers formula to identify migraine, Migraine is often characterized by severe headaches

File/Migraines are the most frequent cause of disabling, recurring headaches. (

Jakarta (Antara Lampung) - Neurologist at the University of Indonesia Dr Salim Haris has discovered a new diagnostic formula to detect migraine in patients suffering from severe headaches, an official stated in a written statement, Tuesday.
The new formula was presented as part of the neurologist's dissertation at the IMERI Building, the university's Medical School in Jakarta, on Friday (Jan 5).
Haris introduced his "Index Vascular Migraine (IVM)" formula, which was validated by the Law and Human Rights Ministry in order to acquire intellectual property rights (IPR), with Registration No. 086676, declared on Jan 1.
The formula's IPR will be effective for five decades since first being declared.
According to the neurologist, IVM will measure the average rate of flow of red cells to the brain by using the Doppler Ultrasound tool attached to the patient's temples.  
During the measurement process, patients have to hold their breath and continue to take a quick breath, with each procedure being applied for a period of 30 seconds.
"Patients have to follow the breathing method in order to find out how the blood vessels react in the brain," Haris noted.
The neurologist explained that migraine patients' blood vessels will not expand optimally when they hold their breath, but the artery or vein will contract stronger than the average size when they breathe fast.
Before the discovery of the formula, most neurologists used the general diagnosis classification method validated by the International Headache Society (IHS). However, several doctors did not agree on the use of the earlier method.
The margin of error in the earlier method also reached some 50 percent, according to Haris.
As a result, he explained that an improper diagnosis had resulted in several casualties due to overdiagnosis or underdiagnosis.
On the contrary, the IVM will reduce the risk by ensuring a success rate of 94.23 percent, with the possibility adding up to 98.08 percent, if the doctor combined the procedure with the IHS classification method.
Haris expressed belief that the IVM method will improve the results of migraine diagnosis. He noted that proper diagnosis will improve the efficacy of further medication.
Most people had misunderstood migraine to be a minor problem, while the effect could be fatal due to delay in treatment.
Migraine is often characterized by severe headaches, but the symptom is also experienced in other conditions, such as sinus and cervicogenic headaches, or pain in the neck area.
According to a Global Burden of Disease survey conducted by the World Health Organization in 2010, migraine was ranked as the seventh leading cause of disability in the world.
Meanwhile, a research published in Hong Kong highlighted that the prevalence of migraine in Asia had reached 22.4 percent, while Indonesia also recorded a similar rate, according to the Health Ministry's study.

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